Curriculum – Pre Primary

Activity based, Phonemic, Thematic learning provided so as to make it interesting, helping the child to experience knowledge.

Time Table

The Pre-Primary follows a forenoon session of learning, and afternoon session with smart class, tab, playground activities, art and craft sessions until 3 o’ clock.

Curriculum – Primary

First & Second standard – English, Hindi, Malayalam, Mathematics, Training in Talent & Heritage and General Awareness imparted through worksheets.

Time Table

Six hours with 8 periods for 5 days a week

Curriculum – Middle

Following CBSE curriculum of three – language formula. Apart from English and Hindi, students are offered the option to study either Sanskrit or Malayalam.

Time Table

Six hours with 8 periods for 5 days a week

Curriculum – Secondary

We follow CBSE pattern with English, Hindi or Sanskrit or Malayalam along with Mathematics, Science, Information Technology and Social Studies.

Time Table

Six hours with 8 periods for 6 days a week, except second Saturdays

Curriculum – Senior Secondary

Science and Commerce Streams are offered to our students.

Science – English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology/Informatics Practices/Design/ Language – Malayalam, Sanskrit, Hindi

Commerce – English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics/Informatics Practices/Design/ Language – Malayalam, Sanskrit, Hindi

Time Table

Six hours with 8 periods for 6 days a week.

Value Education

One is not a mere ‘atom’ cut off from society and cocooned inside the limited self. To be viewed from a larger perspective, we are the extension of the Macrocosm, the universal self and as such must reach out to society to be of help to the needy and suffering. So on Thursdays, our children contribute a ‘Handful of Rice’ or cereals to help the needy. There is an ‘Ayudh’ (Awaken Youth; Unite for Dharma) group formed with a view to undertake extra service work like fighting against drug abuse, spreading the green message for protecting the environment and Mother Nature. We inculcate values through Value Education classes every week. Our students take part in ‘Mathrupooja’ on ‘Gurupoornima’ day so as to awaken filial love towards their parents. Likewise each and every special day – Teachers day, Environment day, Ramayan Month, August 15th, etc. are celebrated with befitting presentations and performances. Our Amala Bharatham Campaign (ABC Club) looks into waste management with the involvement of students. ‘Swatchatha Hi Seva’ was taken up by us with a lot of cleaning work around public places, conducting rallies, making posters, giving awareness sessions to the public, etc. Overall, our educational vision encompasses a broader expanse of service. Thus, our school activities take care of human, social, national and global values.

Focused Skills

Besides developing all the four skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, specialized methodologies are used to train the children to be able to analyse, interpret and evaluate.

Project works, group discussions and various other activities relevant to science and other subjects are planned to provide social understanding, spirit of enquiry and scientific acumen.

To nurture multiple intelligences such as kinaesthetic, musical, visual, inter-personal and intra-personal, we provide ample opportunities for self-expression in the form of music, dance and fine arts.

Students are provided with training in life skills – Critical & Creative thinking, Empathy, Self-awareness, Decision Making, Effective Communication, Problem Solving, Inter Personal Relationship, etc.

Teaching Methodology

To suit the changing needs of the present generation, latest and innovative techniques of teaching are employed. The teacher acts as a ‘knowledge facilitator’ and not as the ‘knowledge provider’. Therefore the teaching methodology is “learner-centred”, nurturing the promotion of Academic Excellence and Multi-Intelligences.

Teaching-Learning Strategies

In synergic collaboration, aiming for excellence, we at Amrita Vidyalayam firmly believe in the extension of the learning ground from the home to the school.

In the continuous quest for knowledge, the early stumbling footsteps of a toddler are firmly implanted and extended in refined sophistication. The best of Montessori, Kindergarten, Play-way Method and other such activities as required by the social and cultural needs of the society have been adopted and adapted for them.

Evaluation and Assessment System

The progress of each child in all three domains (Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor) is evaluated continuously.